Arch Capital Group Ltd. (Arch Capital or ACGL), a Bermuda public limited liability company, writes insurance, reinsurance and mortgage insurance on a worldwide basis. Our unique underwriting platform, experienced management team and strong capital base have enabled us to establish a prominent presence in the global insurance, reinsurance and mortgage insurance markets.

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Arch Capital’s current operations began in 2001 when our reinsurance operations were launched to meet a need for capacity. Through thoughtful organic growth and strategic acquisitions, Arch has evolved into a leading diversified specialty insurer and reinsurer. We have expanded into insurance and mortgage insurance with operations around the globe.

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We assess our performance by several criteria, including growth in book value per share, a major factor in the creation of shareholder value. Shareholders who invested in our recapitalization in 2001 and continue to hold the shares have seen the book value of their shares increase exponentially. Our credit ratings are a testament to our sustained superior track record and the strength of our operations.

A key driver of book value growth is return on equity (ROE). Net income ROE has averaged 14.6 percent per year for the past decade. Operating income ROE has averaged 12.8 percent over the past decade.

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We seek to increase shareholder value through three main strategic principles:

  • Selectively pursue diverse specialty markets where we can apply our knowledge and expertise;
  • Maintain flexibility and responsiveness to allow us to take advantage of market opportunities when they arise; and
  • Maintain a disciplined underwriting approach to enable us to select risks and price them appropriately in all phases of the insurance cycle.



We work hard to attract, develop and retain highly talented individuals who fit well with our culture of performance, accountability, teamwork and innovation. We realize our success is dependent upon the individual proficiencies and motivation of our employees to be agile in deploying resources to markets and products with the best returns.

We’re risk managers, using leading edge analysis to target and price the right risks. We’re innovators, providing unique market opportunities that create value. And we are always alert for new markets where we can apply our knowledge and expertise.

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