Utica National Insurance Group

Are you a conscientious, customer-oriented and driven individual?

Are you committed to delivering, despite all obstacles? Are you tenacious, do you target results, are you decisive, do you delegate and do you adhere to the highest ethical standards? 

Are you looking for an employer that offers challenging work, advancement opportunities, and the ability to make a difference, all in a flexible work environment?

Yes? Then, lucky for both of us, you have come to the right place.



These Values define the character of our employees. They personify Utica National – describing what it means to “be Utica National” and how we approach doing business.

Ethical – We act with dignity, integrity and trustworthiness in every decision and we do not sacrifice this for business results or personal gain. 

Committed – We approach our responsibilities with a deep individual self-engagement and understand the importance of holding ourselves responsible and accountable for our contributions without making excuses so we can deliver results despite all obstacles. 

Resourceful – We continually look for better, more efficient ways to take care of our customers. We always try to be aware, sensitive, receptive, responsive and proactive in addressing issues.  We like to see possibilities rather than obstacles. 

Respectful – We treat all of our customers and our co-workers with high regard. We try to visibly create a customer experience that anticipates and responds to customers’ needs while valuing their time and appreciating them.

Team Oriented – We recognize the needs of the group and offer support to co-workers to achieve corporate objectives; proactively sharing knowledge and coaching others to build competence whenever necessary.