About us

From our Founder,


This company was started by insurance professionals, for insurance professionals. I was always frustrated searching multiple job boards including company sites just to see half of the great opportunities currently available. I'm pretty sure companies weren't any happier that only a small portion of the great talent out there came across their opportunities.


I feel that by lowering the price of entry to post a position we can all do our part to help grow the industry. Let's get talented individuals into this great industry and keep them here. 


We as an industry have so much to offer. Let's take the wild ride together.



  - InsurancePond.com






Candidates: To put more great insurance opportunities in front of you than any other web platform. It's a great industry so let's make sure you find that right fit for long term success and happiness! 

Employers: By creating a competitive cost structure we will able to do more good. Providing more opportunities will define our business, bringing in more candidates that are not quite passive but not quite actively search either for that next great opportunity. 

Newbies: We also want to be that avenue where individuals can be exposed to insurance opportunities for the first time, maybe they didn't even know about our industry. Together we can show them everything we have to offer.

Industry: Provide an avenue for growth and success. Also assisting with industry programs and partnerships to maintain a high level of education and integrity within our industry. 


Whether you're a candidate, employer, or someone new to the industry just taking that first look we appreciate you considering InsurancePond.com for that next great opportunity.