North American Risk Services

Experience, Integrity & Client Focus.


NARS has been very successful in attracting some of the industry’s most experienced and qualified claims personnel, and our exceptionally low employee turnover level underscores their satisfaction. We combine significant experience with clear-cut protocols and unsurpassed technology to deliver the best claims administration available.

You will find that our offerings are both extensive and competitive, while providing a level of client service that is unsurpassed in the industry. Regardless of the type of loss, our professionals manage your claims with the exacting quality you can trust.


Third-party claims administration demands absolute trust. Unlike many third party claims administrators, NARS is not owned by an insurance company, reinsurer, or brokerage. That’s why we are able to serve our customers as a wholly independent partner dedicated to meeting client needs without conflicts of interest.

We consistently earn excellent reviews from primary, reinsurance and regulatory auditors. We also regularly conduct a critical self evaluation for continuous improvement. Independent of our Claims Department, NARS’ Quality Assurance Department is devoted to continuous audits for trend evaluation and targeted improvement.

Client Focus

Customer service is the definitive core of our claims management services. Every employee is dedicated to key objectives in critical areas – prompt contact, adherence to specific timelines, and meeting customer-specific claim directives. Our continuing goal is to safeguard claims and guide examiners to carefully-considered actions.

  • Superior experience in all types of claims
  • Specialized units for Workers’ Compensation, Transportation, Commercial Liability, Construction Defect and Property
  • Dedicated Recovery Unit to maximize subrogation, salvage and deductible collections
  • SIU specialists focus on the constant threat of claims fraud
  • Consistently excellent reviews from primary, reinsurance and regulatory auditors
  • Improved risk management and financial performance
  • Superior service and positive customer experience
  • Well-defined protocols and internal auditing
  • Data integrity – monitor and adjust to trends to reduce claims cost and increase profits
  • Proactive regulatory compliance