Professional Designations

The Institutes

AAI:  Accredited Advisor in Insurance

ACSR:  Accredited Customer Service Representative

AIAF:  Associate in Insurance Accounting and Finance

AIC:  Associate in Claims 


AIC-M:  Associate in Claims-Management

AINS:  Associate in General Insurance

AFSB:  Associate in Fidelity and Surety Bonding

ARM:  Associate in Risk Management

AIT:  Associate in Information Technology

AIAF:  Associate in Insurance Accounting and Finance

AIDA:  Associate in Insurance Data Analytics

AIS:  Associate in Insurance Services

AIM:  Associate in Management

AMIM:  Associate in Marine Insurance Management

ANFI:  Associate in National Flood Insurance

APA:  Associate in Premium Auditing

API: Associate in Personal Insurance

ARC:  Associate in Regulation and Compliance

ARe:  Associate in Reinsurance

ARM:  Associate in Risk Management

ARM-P:  Associate in Risk Management for Public Entities

ARM-E:  Associate in Risk Management - ERM

ASLI:  Associate in Surplus Lines Insurance

AU: Associate in Commercial Underwriting

AU-M:  Associate in Commercial Underwriting - Management

CPCU:  Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter

WCCP:  California Workers' Compensation Claims Professional

WCCA:  California Workers" Compensation Claims Administration

Cyber Risk Management

PRC:  Professional Risk Consultant

PTC:  Property Technical Certification

SPPA:  Senior Professional Public Adjuster


National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research

CIC:  Certified Insurance Counselor

CRM:  Certified Risk Manager

CSRM:  Certified School Risk Manager

CISR:  Certified Insurance Service Representative

CPRM:  Certified Personal Risk Manager


IRMI - International Risk Management Institute

TRIP:  Transportation Risk & Insurance Professional

ERIS:  Energy Risk & Insurance Specialist

CRIS:  Construction Risk & Insurance Specialist

MLIS:  Management Liability Insurance Specialist

AFIS:  Agribusiness & Farm Insurance Specialist


BCSP - Board of Certified Safety Professionals

CSP:  Certified Safety Professional


WSIA - Wholesale & Specialty Insurance Association

CIW:  Certified Insurance Wholesaler


ACORD - Association of Cooperative Operations Research and Development

ACE:  ACORD Certified Expert


AHIP - America's Health Insurance Plans

HCP:  Healthcare Compliance Professional

PHIAS:  Professional, Health Insurance Advanced Studies

FHIAS:  Fellow Health Insurance Advanced Studies

PAHM:  Professional, Academy for Healthcare Management

FAHM:  Fellow, Academy for Healthcare Management

DHP:  Disability Healthcare Professional

LTCP:  Long-term Care Professional


The American College of Financial Services

CASL:  Chartered Advisor in Senior Living

ChFC:  Chartered Financial Consultant

ChHC:  Chartered Healthcare Consultant

CLF:  Chartered Leadership Fellow

CLU:  Chartered Life Underwriter

FSCP:  Financial Services Certified Professional

REBC:  Registered Employee Benefits Consultant

RICP:  Retirement Income Certified Professional


American Institute of Marine Underwriters

AMIM:  Associate in Marine Insurance Management


American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries

MSPA:  Member, Society of Pension Actuaries

FSPA:  Fellow, Society of Pension Actuaries

QPFC:  Qualified Plan Financial Consultant


Association of Fraud Examiners

CFE:  Certified Fraud Examiner


Casualty Actuarial Society

FCAS:  Fellow, Casualty Actuarial Society


Community Associations Institute

CIRMS:  Community Insurance and Risk Management Specialist


Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc.

CFP:  Certified Financial Planner


CFA Institute

CFA:  Certified Financial Analyst

CIPM:  Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement


Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association

CAIA:  Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst


Insurance Data Management Association

CIDM:  Certified Insurance Data Manager


International Association of Insurance Professionals

CLP:  Certified Leadership Professional


International Claim Association

FLHC:  Fellow, Life, and Health Claims


International Foundation for Retirement Education

CRC:  Certified Retirement Counselor


International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

CEBS:  Certified Employee Benefits Specialist


LIMRA - Life Insurance Market Research Association

LLIF:  LIMRA Leadership Institute Fellow


LOMA - Life Office Management Association

FFSI:  Fellow, Financial Services Institute

FLMI:  Fellow, Life Management Institute

FSRI:  Fellow, Secure Retirement Institute


National Association of Estate Planners & Councils

AEP:  Accredited Estate Planner


National Health Care Anti-fraud Association

AHFI:  Accredited Health Care Fraud Investigator


National Institute of Pension Administrators

APA:  Accredited Pension Administrator

APR:  Accredited Pension Representative


Professional Liability Underwriting Society

RPLU:  Registered Professional Liability Underwriter


RIMS - Risk and Insurance Management Society

RF:  Fellow, Risk and Insurance Management Society


SITE: Society of Insurance Trainers & Educators

ITP:  Insurance Training Professional


Society of Actuaries

ASA:  Associate of the Society of Actuaries

CERA:  Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst

FSA:  Fellow, Society of Actuaries


Society of Financial Examiners

AFE:  Accredited Financial Examiner

CFE:  Certified Financial Examiner